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Dental Xrays

Dental Xrays

Dental x-rays are used for many reasons during a Pemberton Valley dental exam, including:

  • to find hidden dental structures
  • to establish malignant or benign masses
  • to identify bone loss
  • to find dental cavities

Identifying Tooth Decay or Other Dental Issues

A dental x-ray allows the Pemberton Valley Dental team the opportunity to identify tooth decay or periodontal disease that may be missed during a clinical dental exam. This makes dental x-rays an important part of a comprehensive oral examination.

Pemberton Valley Dental uses digital x-rays that can be processed much quicker than conventional photographic film x-rays.

X-rays emit a low dose of radiation which is typically equivalent to a few days' worth of background environmental exposure or similar that the amount of radiation you would be exposed to during a cross-country flight by airplane. Pemberton Valley Dental staff provide you with a lead apron helping reduce the degree of radiation exposure while taking your dental x-rays.

Different Types of Xray Views

Pemberton Valley Dental offers x-rays that focus on a specific area and these are typically taken while you sit in our dental chairs. We also provide panoramic x-rays that allow us to see a great field of view including heads and necks.