Teeth Whitening

Stains that have accumulated on the enamel of your teeth over time will render the surfaces to appear dull and even yellow or brown. Don’t let this hinder your smile and lower your self-esteem! At Pemberton Dental, we offer teeth whitening services to help your teeth restore shine and brightness. Teeth whitening is an easy and non-invasive dental treatment that offers immediate results.

The flexibility of taking teeth whitening gel home to apply to your teeth will leave your teeth looking more healthy and white. However, keep in mind that teeth whitening is not permanent, therefore a touch-up may be needed every several years.

You can learn more about the whitening services below.

Take-Home Whitening

This option may be for you if you prefer to perform the procedure in the comfort of your home. Trays will be made specifically to fit your teeth with a teeth whitening solution. The tray will be worn twice a day for 30 minutes for at least two weeks. This may take longer depending on the degree of staining and desired level of whitening. Please note that you may experience some sensitivity during this procedure. Don’t worry, this is normal. The discomfort or sensitivity should subside after you end the whitening treatment.


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